About the Prime Unicorn Index 

The Prime Unicorn Index is an equally-weighted price return index that measures the share price performance of U.S. private companies valued at $500 million or more. The price changes of component companies are derived from publicly available information associated with company transactions, filings, and other disclosures. The index provides empirical data to asset managers and financial advisors interested in tracking today’s private capital markets. The index is designed for use in the creation of financial products and as a performance benchmark. The Bloomberg Ticker is PUNICORN, while the Reuters Ticker is .PUNICORN


A Team Of Professionals

Chris Yeagley

Co-Founder, Level ETF Ventures. Former U.S. Head of Equity Structured Products at UBS and Head of Americas Structured Equity Products at Deutsche Bank

Ross Barrett

Founded VC Experts, a private company analysis data company; General Partner to three venture funds; Active venture capital investor; former U.S. Congressional Aide

Kris Monaco

Co-Founder of Level ETF Ventures. Former Head of ISE (International Securities Exchange) ETF Ventures for 15 years. Executive at Arizona Stock Exchange.

Justin Byers

Director Business Analytics and Valuations, Lagniappe Labs & VC Experts. Director at CyberTrader (Charles Schwab); Charles Schwab Margin and Stock Loan Operations Manager

Prime Unicorn Index


The rules for component eligibility, index composition, calculation, and maintenance are based on the Prime Unicorn Index Methodology. The index universe includes all US private companies with market valuations that are equal to or greater than $500 million. Component eligibility and price inputs are derived from publicly available information, such as federal filings (e.g., Form D), state filings (e.g., amendments to Certificates of Incorporation, Limited Offering Exemption Notices, Employee Plan Exemption Notices) and company disclosures (e.g., press releases, other public statements). The index calculation model is based on actual or derived prices of preferred stock and common stock, which are validated by the index operations team. Corporate actions, such as bankruptcies, stock splits, reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, and spinoffs are monitored on a daily basis. Index values are calculated for each day, but distributed on a weekly basis each Thursday. The index is reviewed and reconstituted on a quarterly basis on the third Wednesday of each January, April, July and October. For more detailed methodology information, please see the Prime Unicorn Index Methodology Guide. The Prime Unicorn Index was designed and developed by Lagniappe Labs and Level ETF Ventures’ Prime Indexes group. The Prime Unicorn Index Committee provides oversight of index calculation and maintenance, as well as ongoing evaluation of the index methodology and related rules.

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