The Prime Unicorn Index added 8 constituents and dropped 7 in its quarterly reconstitution, for a total of 135 index components for Q1 2020. Currently, the median market cap is $1.2 billion and the Index’s total market value is $345 billion. Ripple Labs, Freshworks, Duolingo, JRSK (Away), Glossier, Instabase, Seismic Software and Ansun Biopharma qualified as new index components this quarter with their valuations being greater than $500M. Pinterest, Uber, Lyft, CrowdStrike, Zoom Video and Fastly satisfied 150 trading days following their IPO; they have been removed from the Index. Onshape was acquired in November 2019 by PTC and has also been removed from the index.

The Q1 2020 Prime Unicorn Index Reconstitution Report provides more information on the new 8 constituents and how they compare against the Index.

The Prime Unicorn Index provides a unique opportunity for institutional investors  to access a fair representation of the private markets where they can make an investment on the future of their portfolios, whether they want to go long or short.

Additionally, the Index provides up-to-date empirical data used to track today’s private capital markets and offer ways to offset exposure in regard to direct private market investments by taking advantage of the trading opportunities presented by Prime Unicorn Index.

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