Neutron Holdings (DBA: Lime) just filed an Amended and Restated Certificate of Incorporation on 1/24/2019 authorizing enough shares of Series D/D-1 for a potential $400M round of financing. If all shares authorized in the round are issued it increases their post-money valuation to $2B, quite a jump from their previous post-money valuation of $1.14B. The new Series D/D-1 is an Up Round compared to Series C with a share price of $0.2425 (Series C was $0.18284). Other terms of the Series D/D-1 are pretty vanilla, they have a 6% non-cumulative dividend rate, Pari-Passu in the liquidation stack with the other preferred stock, and they are conventional convertible (meaning they will not participate with common stock after their preference is paid). Here’s how they are currently tracking against the Prime Unicorn Index: