Want downside protection and diversified exposure for your venture capital investments?

As venture capital opportunities continue to grow, investors need the best information available.

This paper outlines:

  1. History: The decline in IPOs over the last 5 – 8 years – the how’s and why’s
  2. Consequences: Rise of private markets, growth in venture capital, and increased diversification
  3. Opportunity: Capitalizing on this growth by investing in the Prime Unicorn Index

About the white paper: 

Venture-capital, private market investment continues to grow in lockstep with the decline in the number of companies issuing IPOs. This number has declined by over half since the early 1990’s. Those that do go public have a larger investor base and are fewer in number, leaving a great deal of capital looking for additional investment opportunities. This paper outlines how the decline in IPOs has played a crucial role in the growth of venture capital-backed investments in private markets and how this new asset class presents new opportunities for institutional investors via the Prime Unicorn Index.

About the Index

The Prime Unicorn Index is an equally-weighted price return index that measures the share price performance of U.S. private companies valued at $500 million or more. The price changes of component companies are derived from publicly available information associated with company transactions, filings, and other disclosures. The index provides empirical data to asset managers and financial advisors interested in tracking today’s private capital markets. The index is designed for use in the creation of financial products and as a performance benchmark.