From software to exercise bikes, these 9 New York companies are poised for an IPO according to the Prime Unicorn Index.

1. Urban Compass, Inc.

Description: Urban Compass develops a technology-driven real estate platform that enables agents and clients to streamline and transform the process of finding a home.

Total Funding: $1,128.24 M

Post-Money Valuation: $4,621,869,152



2. WeWork Companies, Inc.

Description: WeWork provides promising early-stage startups with a shared workspace and assists them with the tools, community, and connections they need to go from a prototype to a functional business.

Total Funding: $8,559.36 M

Post-Money Valuation: $49,040,766,952




3. Payoneer, Inc.

Description: Payoneer provides hosted payout solutions for companies that pay people worldwide using prepaid debit MasterCard(R), wire transfers, and e-checks.

Total Funding: $146.70 M

Post-Money Valuation: $1,054,530,291



4. Peloton Interactive, Inc.

Description: Peloton Interactive markets and sells exercise bikes through showrooms and online.

Total Funding: $970.52 M

Post-Money Valuation: $4,066,956,197




5. Rent The Runway, Inc.

Description: Rent The Runway operates an online membership-only designer rental site for designer clothes where women can rent dresses and accessories from over 100 designers and brands.

Total Funding: $320.95 M

Post-Money Valuation: $1,009,017,087



6. Warby Parker (JAND, Inc.)

Description: JAND, Inc. operates an online retailer, Warby Parker, that offers boutique-quality, classically crafted eyewear at a revolutionary price point.

Total Funding: $287 M

Post-Money Valuation: $1,857,152,542



7. ZocDoc, Inc.

Description: ZocDoc provides online booking appointments, reminders for upcoming appointments and preventive check-ups,online paper-work service, and more.

Total Funding: $200 M

Post-Money Valuation: $1,768,935,814



8. Outbrain, Inc.

Description: Outbrain is a content discovery platform company that uses behavioral targeting to recommend online content. 

Total Funding: $157.72 M

Post-Money Valuation: $648,410,083




9. MediaMath, Inc.

Description: As a digital marketing technology company, MediaMath offers advertising management services, dedicated to reengineering modern marketing to offer transformative results based on tangible goals.

Total Funding: $90.94 M

Post-Money Valuation: $626,905,532



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